Take action

I will start this with a splash of actions ...

I just sent an email to Kimberly-Clark about stop using wood from ancient forests
for making Kleenex. These guys are the happy recipients of my email:

Mr. Thomas Falk, CEO of Kimberly-Clark - thomas.j.falk@kcc.com
Mr. Ken Strassner, Vice-President Environment for Kimberly-Clark - ken.strassner@kcc.com
Mr. Dave Dickson, Director, Corporate Communications - ddickson@kcc.com

If you do not want to write from scratch here is a good starting point:

I also sent an email to the board of directors at Monsanto about some mystery dna in some of their GMO. ContactOurDirectors@monsanto.com
I tried the same for the CEO Hugh Grant (sic!) hugh.grant@monsanto.com
sofar neither have bounced. But then again neither have replied either.

http://act.greenpeace.org/ is always a good start for a happy day full of
emails to those that make a lot of money by eagerly destroying our environment.

Take care out there it is a world full of toxins and
sometimes some beautiful flowers ...



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