Canadian Boreal forests and more

I just sent away an email to the CEO thomas.j.falk@kcc and the director of communications ddickson@kcc.com at Kimberly Clark. The topic was their non-sustainable logging of Canadian Boreal forests. I prompted them to implent a scheme to get and maintain FSC certificate for all their products.

More info on this can be found on Kleercut.net and FSC.

I also told them to stop using chlorine bleach since it is not good for the environment for a number of reasons. More info on: Seventh generation.

I also told them to make an official statement agains illegal logging, especially since some US civil servants seem to be proponents of illegal logging.
More info on:www.illegal-logging.info and CommonDreams.org

You can write a normal letter to
CEO Thomas Falk
351 Phelps Dr.
Texas 75038

Instead of using Kleenex or any other facial paper tissue you can use a small cotton cloth made by cotton from organic farming. That is what your grandparents would do. I should work quite well nowadays.



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