Quercus and blood

Yesterday I pulled myself together and sent the membership application/inscription form to Quercus. Time will tell how this will end up ...

I have been thinking about donating blood, again. Many years ago when I was uni-student I did that but for some reason I haven't been doing that for ages now. I now where to go. Now I only have to find the time. I hope it is open on Saturday. Maybe I make it then. Wish me luck ;-)

Yesterday I found TraidCraft and their online store. Remind me to tell my local fair trade store about them.

Why don´t you do the same?


At August 12, 2005, Blogger Fernando said...

No, I did not miss the nice spots north of Götemburg. We went to a couple of fishermen's villages and to a coastal town where Ingrid Bergman used to spend her summer vacations (can't remember the name...). I will tell you all about it


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