US citizens should read this

Recently I got an email from the good people at Ruckus.org which should be of interest to all citizens of the US of A:

We need your help with an intervention. Have you listened closely to what Uncle Scam is saying to our young people lately?

He brags that the G.I. Bill offers up to $50,000 for college when he knows that nearly six in ten of those serving our country receive no money at all and that one in four receive only half of the promised amount.

His No Child Left Behind Act makes lots of noise about changing the very nature of education. Behind the scenes it gives military recruiters an all-access pass to students’ personal information.

On the 2004 campaign trail he bluntly stated, “we're not going to have a draft - period." Meanwhile his minions are busy creating a “re-engineered” Selective Service to cover all men and women ages 18 to 34.

He publicly boasts of the strength and resolve of our “all volunteer army” while his Stop Loss Program blackmails thousands of those volunteers to re-up or be forced into service until 2031.

Counter Recruitment
There is an audacious youth led Counter Recruitment Movement quickly gaining momentum among anti-war groups and young people across the U.S. Students, young organizers, and community activists are already hard at work challenging the presence of military recruiters in their schools and neighborhoods. This movement has extraordinary traction and promises to become an incredibly juicy opportunity for young organizers across the country to build progressive political power on campus.

Action Camps
The Ruckus Society will partner with the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition, the War Resisters League, the American Friends Service Committe, theNational Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth, and many other organizations to coordinate a series of regional Counter Recruitment Training Camps. The camps will help unify and strengthen the efforts of young people struggling against U.S. militarism.

The Camps have already been endorsed by United for Peace and Justice.


Now the BIG question is:

What are you gonna do about this?



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