Fishy business

Do you eat fish?
Fresh fish is really good, isn't?
Sadly, the way fish and other sea food is being caught is not always good for the environment nor the survival of (the) fish itself.

The good people at the Blue Ocean Institute have compiled a list of different sea food and given them scores depending on a number of factors. The scores are divided into three main groups

Green fish
Species is relatively abundant, and fishing/farming methods cause little damage to habitat and other wildlife.

Yellow fish
Some problems exist with this species’ status or catch/farming methods, or information is insufficient for evaluating.

Red fish
Species has a combination of problems such as overfishing, high bycatch, and poor management; or farming methods have serious environmental impacts.

The whole list and more information on:
Blue Ocean Sea food score card

Look for your favourite seafood.
Is it still on your list of favourites?
Print out the list (or order the miniguide) and bring to the fish market.

I hope you stay on buying really good green fish!

The SeaSense database compares different score systems for the environmental impact of specific seafood.


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