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Title: Internship - assisting the Project Manager of the Fair-Procura Project: “Making public authorities and institutional buyers, local actors of sustainable development.”

EFTA (European Fair Trade Association)
A network of 12 organizations in 9 European countries which import Fair Trade products.

The Brussels-based Fair-Procura office is dedicated to promoting Fair Trade among the European Institutions through campaigning and lobbying.

Project description:
The project’s objective is to encourage policy-makers and institutional buyers in Europe to contribute to sustainable development through sustainable public purchasing policies and practice.

Job Description:
The intern will provide support to the European project through research and analysis of issues relevant to the project, writing and publishing the project Newsletter, establishing and maintaining contacts with EU institutions, updating the database of best practices and website, and providing support in the organization of the final project Conference in Brussels.

The intern will receive a compensation of 22 euro/day.
Duration: min 3 months up to 6 months.
Starting date: September 2006

- Profile:
* A motivated, well organized person.
* Strategic thinking and analytical skills.

- Qualifications:
* Excellent written and spoken English (mother tongue or equivalent)

Please send CV and covering letter to:
Ms Marzia Rezzin
Project Manager
e-mail: fair-procura at eftafairtrade.org

Closing date: 30 August 2006

First language of office: English
Location: EFTA
43, rue de la Charité, 1210 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: (+32) 2 217 37 80
Mobile 0473 300 156


At June 29, 2006, Blogger AEnima said...

Hey... you know I read your blog! Thanks, I´ll give it a try later :)

I was wondering about something and you would be a good person to ask to: what would you do for heating in the winter if you had a big appartment-like house?

My parents used wood for many years burning it at fireplace and stove that were connected to all the heaters through warm water running. That is just not an option for me... it´s not practical (it requires storage room, it´s time consuming and messy). Anyways, it ached my heart everytime a new log went to the fire, cause you can really see the tree there... but hey, I also eat meat.

So... ruling out wood... what would you advise? Diesel? Electric? (solar panels are not viable... building does not have them installed). Thanks :)

At June 29, 2006, Blogger Johan said...

have a look around internet for "low energy house".

in short for an existing house:
improve the insulation!
with enough well done insulation the heat from the persons and machines is enough to keep it cozy indoors.

usually requires cooling or ventilation in the summer!

Read these two documents to get some inspiration from houses built in Ulm in Germany and Landskrona in Sweden.

Diesel is probably a lot worse than wood, although both produce a lot of particles.

in your case: insulate the hot water container and all the tubings! you will just have a lot of energy losses, especially unnecessary heating of the house in the summer.

biofuel such as wood is probably as good an option as you can get. maybe a more efficient burner?

if solar panels are not installed, then install them :-) there are two kinds: one that gather heat and one that transform solar energy to electricity. i dunno if there are any subsidies for renewable energy systems for private houses in portugal ...

if you wanna go high tech opt for a fuel cell including methane-to-hydrogen converter. will produce electricity. a bit stiff prive tag though but you can use the "canned" gas.

but then it is very silly to use electricity to make heat. the efficiency of transforming heat into electricity is only 30% in the central power plants. so the direct electricity option certainly is out as well ... unless you know for certain that the power company uses biofuels produce their electricity. but then i do not know of any such power companies in portugal. are there any power companies in portugal that only make electricity from renewables resources such as biomass (excl bioethanol), solar, wind and hydro power?

and back to the flasked gas. if that were biogas rather than the present natural gas I would strongly suggest the biogas option. but since natural gas is fossil fuel i would omit that if a could!

the reason i say no to bioethanol is that it takes more energy to get the bioethanol than one can get from the bioethanol itself ...

At June 30, 2006, Blogger Johan said...

if you really want to opt for electricity as power source for heating choose a heat pump. they spends ca 1/3 the energy for the same indoor temperature compared to a normal heater!

At June 30, 2006, Blogger AEnima said...

Thank you so much Johan. I´ll do my research on the subject and choose what fits best :)


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