Nivea Balance deodorant

On the label:

Nivea Balance deodorant
Estimula os seus sentidos – Stimulate your senses
Cuida suavemente – Care smoothly
Protecção eficaz – Efficient protection
Pele suave como seda – Skin smooth as silk
Sem corantes nem conservantes - Without colouring agents nor preservatives

The ingredients:
Cyclomethicone is a type of silicone oil with full name decamethylcyclo-pentasiloxane, CAS 541-02-06. Free silicone oil can cause allergy and some immune responses inside the body.

Aluminium chlorohydrate is the active reagent. Or rather the aluminium ions are because they enter into the cells that produce the sweat so that they swell and temporarily stop exctreting the sweat.

Isohexadecane (CAS 4390-04-9) is a non-polar volatile solvent. It is soluble in silicone oils and evaporates when applied to skin. Most likely fossil fuel based. It has been connected to allergic contact dermatitis. It is an organic solvent and such it is probably good to avoid.

Quaternium 90 Bentonite is used to modify viscosity. It is thixotropic i.e. becomes more fluid when stirred (or applied with a deo-roll). Bentonite is a (negatively charged) type of clay of volcanic origin. Q90 is positively charged polymer, some manufacturers claim it has vegetable origin. Some claim Q90 to be mildly irritating and toxic. The much shorter Q-15 can cause contact dermatitis because it released formaldehyde. Not sure if there is connection between Q90 and Q15.

C12-15 Alkyl bensoate is used to suspend and/or dissolve aluminium salts (e.g. Aluminium chlorohydrate) and to extend the life time of perfumes. As far as I can tell it is neither sensitising or toxic.

Perfume – Can be anything. So it is impossible to tell if it is a good or bad perfume. Synthetic musks for example are not good.

Polyisobutene is a synthetic rubber used to make air tight layers, cling films and inner tubes for bike tires (since it it impermeable to gas). Not sure what it does in a deodorant.

Aqua – well water is water. Solvent.

Propylene carbonate is an irritant if pure. Used as polar additive to the Q90-bentonite. Not sure what it actually does. Up to 10% solutions seem to be non-irritant on skin.

Persea Gratissima is avocado.

In short it contains some ingredients that are potentially harmful to humans (cyclomethicone, isohexadecane and quaternium 90 bentonite) and at least one unnecessary ingredient (polyisobutene).

My suggestion is to avoid it.

Wonder if there is a place in town where I can deposit toxic waste?

If you want to figure what the ingredients in your household chemicals (such as deodorants and skin lotions etc) actually are and what function they have I can recommend:

Household products on NIH
EWG Skin Deep
Golden Butterfly

I went to nivea.com and selected Portugal.
I did not find it there. Maybe they withdrew it from the market?
Product number 82857 Lot number 34725610

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