EUtube and the Ardystil disaster

EU has taken the step into Youtube on EUtube. One of the vidoes put out sofar is about REACH - the new chemical legislation REACH. It mentions a Spanish company Ardystil. Six workers died from inhaling toxic fumes from textile dyes, yet 72 more contracted serious lung disease and damage. The idea of the video is to show that REACH will make sure we will avoid any more Ardystil disasters.

I had look on internet about Ardystil. Most of it in Spanish. Not even Greenpeace had information about this disaster. Language barrier? This disaster happened 1in 1992. No mention on Wikipedia either (botn EN and ES).

One site talks about at the Ardystil syndrome. I quote: "In June 2003, a Spanish court issued its judgment on the 'Ardystil syndrome', one of the country's worst occupational health disasters,... The long-awaited ruling found that the employers concerned were clearly responsible, and that the public authorities failed to fulfil their role as a guarantor of safety. ... It is curious that even the Labour Inspectorate (Inspección de Trabajo) showed a scandalous lack of concern about the working conditions in these companies."

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