Sexual harassment is part of the academic tradition in Coimbra

I just had a quick look through the "newspaper" académico 20070605.

Under the section "na regiao" Ricardo Rio makes a story about the majority in the city council in Braga not wanting to have an external analysis of their performance. Specifically in relation to (the lack of) sustainability thinking. And he ends with a very ironic touch :-)

Later on in this issue is an article that says that 3 out of 4 Portuguese students cheat on their exams. And those that cheat do that already at high school. One sociologist in the articles says that the teacher are allowed some room for alterations in the examinations. He suggest making the exams such that the students should apply what they are supposed to have learnt rather than just regurgitating memorised data.

On a note: students seem to sit very close to each other. One way to avoid is to randomise the order of the questions. At least one pair of students at UMinho have been caught just copying the answer in the numerical order. Funny, no thinking at all during the exam ... at least for some ...

The "council of veterans" at the university of Soimbra has punished two persons by "downgrading" them to freshmen status because they damaged the scrotum of one student and severly bruised another. In some kind of backwards defence the head honcho of hazers said that they were only supposed to shave off the pubic hair above the penis. The sheer stupidity of this José Luís Jesus is just amazing!!! One student made a complaint to this "council of veterans" which of course does not have any real power. The other made a much wiser choice and made a formal complaint to the police. I have an idea: all praxistas must be eunuchs!

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At June 12, 2007, Blogger Luigi Mario said...

I never quite understanded what made people cheat on exams, maybe i had a litle autism on that section, o cheating hability, and i never cheated on exams on my life...what i would do was make small resumes on small pieces of paper and throw it away just before of the exam as a form of training...
...about that case in Coimbra, people still have no sense onf individuality and still acept "Praxe" as part of theyr life, even when that "praxe" implies public demeaning and humiliation, and some people, on the "HighSchoool heararchy" take that as an advantage to pursuit their won frustrations as "doutores" (guys that live for a long time in the University so theyre parents can say that "They are at the University)...long story shor..in dont like most of the praxes for lack of utility and even less creativity...;)

At June 12, 2007, Blogger Johan said...

nocas said she took part in what you guy calls "rally paper" during her "praxe". seems to been a lot more fun than today with guys in black hats screaming at you...


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