Soap nuts

If you are looking for an all natural washing detergent, look no further, I have found it. Or rather people in India, Pakistan and Nepal have been using the shell of the fruits of the tree Sapindus Mukorossi for millenia. It is high in saponin that is a natural detergent.

The French company Ecoidées sell these fruit shells in Europe. I found them in NaturCoop in Campanha in Porto, Portugal.

I have used them on two washes and it seems to be working just fine, on moderately dirty clothes.

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At March 13, 2008, Blogger Manjot said...

THEY REALLY SMELL ,but guess its a great sustainable solution..cheers,nice blog , i love it !

At March 13, 2008, Blogger Johan said...

SDS / SLS smells bad, but that is usually masked by perfumes ...


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