Chiquita - the arms smuggler

Sometimes life really is so amazingly wicked. And then I mean evil, not cool.

Just the read a post from yesterday on GreenLaGirl about the fruit company Chiquita. It seems they have been smuggling 3400 AK47 to terrorist groups in Latin America. The reason they give is to protect their farmers ...

I am at loss of words ...

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At March 30, 2007, Blogger Luigi Mario said...

You can disassemble an AK47 and hide all the parts inside bananas :) . Have you ever seen that skecth from Monty Python : "How to kill a man with a banana?". Hehehe
Really, Colombia still divided by the corrupt government and the Sendero, so evryone is caught in the middle, incocents and big companies :\.

At March 30, 2007, Blogger Johan said...

no i havent seen the skit but apparently one can use a banana as a hammer, after one let it cool down in liquid nitrogen ... for real.

sendero luminoso?
arent they in peru? werent guzman caught long time ago?

colombia has more problem with drug lords than terrorists, no?


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