5 positive things about Portugal

Just bough a copy (rather a big bag full of different papers) of the saturday issue of Expresso. The section called Unica containts 5 interviews with green entrepreneurs.

ValorCar - recycles old cars. Strips them of parts and recycle or reuse them.

Mario Sua Kay - architect that designs energy efficient houses. He says that we he started people were not impressed with his ideas. Now people are starting to pay attention but still very few environment friendly houses in Portugal.

AoSol - An all Portuguese solar panel company. They design, make and sell solar panels for heating water. All of it in Portugal. They are now developing solar powered systems for desalination of ocean water and purification of grey water. It is free energy they say.

MultiRecolha - They collect used deep frying oil from restaurants. From that they make either oils from machines or diesel.

Quinta do Vale Pequeno - Organic winemaker - Inspired by nature the owner (Luis Mendes) decided that agrotoxins were not necessary. Now they grow grapes and a large variety of fruits and vegetables using organic agriculture. From that they make wines, jams and conserves etc. All ecological!

Portugal really need some heroes, some good examples of how to use good practises. Here they are, enjoy!

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