Lavera Basic Toothpaste

Water (Aqua)
Sorbitol - a kind of sugar. Some may have concerns about but it is because often it is needed to labelled as a laxative, but one need to eat a LOT before that happens. Considered safe as food additive.
Hydrated Silica - NAS - I think it used as an abrasive agent.
Sodium cocoyl glutamate - NAS
Disodium cocoyl glutamate - NAS
Maris sal - sea salt
Sodium Fluoride - to help maintain the integrity of the tooth enamel. But avoid to swallow epecially if you are a kind and your tap water is fluorinated.
Xanthan Gum - a natural polysaccharide used to modify the texture. Quite safe.
Arnica Montana * - may lead to irritation if applied to broken skin. So avoid if your gums are bleeding. Also, if not prepared properly is not at all good. See wikipedia.
Echinacea purpurea * - Eastern purple coneflower. Some may be really allergic to this.
Menta piperita * - Peppermint.
Titanium dioxide - Probably to make the tooth paste white. Oddly there are concerns that it is cancerogenic. TiOx is formed on titanium implants and is the cause of its success in biomedical devices, but then it is big and not a powder.
Commiphora Myrrha - Myrrh - not yet approved as food additive.
Flavor (aroma) ** - Could as usual be anything.
Limonene ** - In the EU classified as irritating to the skin, skin sensitiser and dangerous to the environment.

* - ingredient for certified organic agriculture
** - natural essential oils

0.14% Fluorine - 1400ppm.

Strange that a company that sells products under the flag of organic culture that they include something that has been classified as dangerous to the environment!!! Also, this product is part of their "sensitiv" product line ...

I have sent an email to Lavera over a week ago but still no reply.

Well, sadly, the hunt for a good tooth paste continues!

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At February 09, 2007, Blogger Johan said...

The reply from Lavera came 2007-02-09:

"Concerning your question about Limonene I can inform you that we know that there are 26 ingredients – perfumes which are said to cause allergic reactions. In our product range the oils / fragrance which is used are only natural essential oils. Those are not only in toothpaste but in many more products. Fact is that those ingredients as Limonene, Linalool etc. must be seen in the composition!! Tests with people showed that a single ingredient like Limonene as a very small part of a whole recipe does not cause skin irritations or allergic reactions. All this means that if you would use the single ingredient it could come to reactions but in a whole product there is no problem."

They seem to forget that there might be synergies between ingredients. I am not saying that there will be in this case but it points to a flaw in their reasoning.

If there is any concern, especially since it used in so small concentrations, it should be fairly easy to omit altogether. At least if one want to follow the precautionary principle....


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