The orangic alternative ...

... is the title of an article in FT 2007-01-06 about bamboo.

It is light weight and strong.
Lots cheaper than building with concrete etc.
Have you also seen the scaffolds that constructions workers in China scurry on?
They are made with bamboo!

It yields 25 times more per area than normal timber (I guess he means trees).
It is ready to harvest within 5 years, pines take 50-80 years ...

As the author notes the biggest draw back in the west is the long haul from China.

I have even seen clothes mad out of bamboo.
Something to think about?

Is it really an organic alternative.
That entirely depends on how they are grown.
But since it is very sturdy grass it does not need a lot of attention.
No need for ploughing either since it will shoot out again
once it has been cut down.

We will see if bamboo houses will catch on in Europe.

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At January 22, 2007, Blogger Luigi Mario said...

I think that hemp is also a good construction material for what ive read. And poor useless pandas...

At January 22, 2007, Blogger Johan said...

constructions with hemp?
you mean clothes and ropes?

i read recently the stinging nettles also can be used to make clothes. hope the treatment takes away the sting ;-)

anyway both are full of fibres so maybe one can enforce clay for making earth houses? at least houses made out of earth has a long tradition in portugal!


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