Natyr Aloe Vera deodorant

This time my attention goes to a deodorant marketed by the Italian fair trade distributor CTM Altro mercato: Natyr Aloe Vera deodorant with peach and camomile.

Aloe barbadensis * - extract from Aloe Vera.
Aluminium cholorohydrate - the antiperspirant
Glycerin - moisturiser - probably safe.
Cetearyl isononate - moisturiser - probably safe but NAS.
Ceteareth-20 - moisturiser - probably safe - not safe on damaged skin, penetration enhancer and potential harmful impurities or decay products.
Cetearyl-20 - moisturiser - probably safe.
Cetearyl alcohol - moisturiser - probably safe but NAS.
Glyceryl stearate - moisturiser - probably safe but NAS
Cetearyl palmitate - ???
Cetereath-12 - No idea - but see C20 above.
PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil - probably safe up to a certain limit.
Prunus persica * - Peach.
Anthemis nobilis * - Camomile - allergen.
Benzoic acid - considerad safe as a food additive in which it is used as preservative. Allergen.
Dehydroacetic acid - considerad safe as food additive but there also are concerns about its environmental impact.
Perfume - As always that can be anything including nasty stuff like synthetic musks.

NAS - Not assessed for safety.

* From Fair Trade certified producer.

Overall it seems of low to moderate concern but contain two allergens: camomile and benzoic acid. Gladly for me I am not allergic to any of those. But the idea that it contains skin penetrations enhancers C20 (probably also C12) is kind of unsettling especially for people that unwittingly have allergies.

It would have been so much nicer if all ingredients were good, withouth any concerns even after high quality assessment, but some of the many of the cetearyl chemicals have not been assessed for safety! But that is a very common concern for household chemicals!!!

I have sent an email to CTM asking them to improve their product(s).
Notably the page on CTM with deodorant does not mention any of the non-fair trade ingredients!!!

This time I limited the check to EWGs Skin Deep.

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At January 30, 2007, Blogger shadowsandclouds said...

hmmm, ctm, as they are so big, they can allow themselves to take a little less care... not good though! i like their food products here in italy but try to get other fair trade makes as well, to give the small organisations a share of the market too...

At January 30, 2007, Blogger Johan said...

i have heard that ctm sells stuff that is made in italy, such as jams and stuff made in monasteries. i think it is called comercio solidale, or something like that.

i have emailed to ctm before, mostly about their very confusing website. but sofar never got any reply.

once the mens clothes section showed a womans torso in a sweater with quite visible bras beneath. i remember some old italian movies in which the men shaved their legs, but maybe this is too much :-)


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