carbon dioxide negative biodiversity

In stead of growing maize (corn) or soy beans one could use a mixture of grasses to make biofuels. Since the grasses catch more CO2 than will be released during production of the grass and biofuels transformation than is done with maize and suy. In the case of maize and soy only a small part of the plant is used. With grasses the whole plant, above ground, is used. Also, the grasses are much easier to grow since they are sturdier. This in part comes from the inherent biodiversity of having many grasses growing on the same plot. Even if one type does not produce so much the over all yield is more stable over time. Also these kinds of grasses can be grown on lands that are degraded. Introducing grasses is good because that will decrease erosion.

See the article on: http://dx.doi.org/10.1126/science.1133306.

Notably with the grasses the "need" for gene modification is gone.
And so the need for over-spraying with pesticides.

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