A very close shave indeed

Some people complain over buzzing sounds. It guess if you live so close to a power line that you can poke on it with a stick you are entitled to forward such complaints.

"My electric neighbour"

Found in Braga near this roundabout. Today the house was not on google maps, but you can see a faint shadow of the power line pylon.

The Portuguese regulations say around 1 metre for this type of power line (I guess it is 20 kV). The people at norverde probably thought that no one would notice the power line. Maybe some one will confuse it with the clothes line and put out clothes to dry on it ...

Rumour has it that the when the company that builds the new shopping mall on the plot between the green building and FeiraNova got their permit the head quarters of one of the political parties in Braga was started being refurbished. But, who believes in rumours ...

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