Castro inspire us to use smart buildings?

In the article making buildings behave better in the Economist the market failure to reach smart houses is discussed. With smart I mean low over energy cost, ie both constructions and use. Since constructurs do not use the houses they build they also do not have to pay the electricity bills. Hence very little interest (from the constructors) to build smart houses.

In a recent newsletter from TreeHugger it says that "if every computer manufacturer sold sustainable green computers tomorrow, it would take only three years for the great majority to be green. If every car manufacturer sold only energy-efficient cars starting tomorrow, it would take ten years for almost all cars to be green. Yet even if every building was LEED Platinum starting tomorrow it would take a hundred years for the building stock to turn over."

Since the IPCC says that buildings are the biggest household culprit then of course the focus also should be on improving the current buildings ...

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At May 28, 2007, Blogger Luigi Mario said...

What better country to teaches us how to recycle than Cuba ;).

At May 28, 2007, Blogger Johan said...

apparently cuba also is a pioneer on organic agriculture using agroforestry (because the american blockade agrotoxins and trade fertilisers are very expensive), and distributed electricity grids and power "generation" ... sadly the latter is done with petrol (courtesy of Chavez).

reuse and recycle über alles!

btw the portuguese minister of regional development recently went to Braga from Lissabon. he buy plane to porto. his driver drove all the way to porto to pick him up from the airport and drive him to braga. and back again in the same fashion ...


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