Organic Black Berry Crumble Pie

Recently I found a hedge full with black berry bushes replete with ripe berries. Because of the strong heat many of the were a bit on the dry side but still quite tasty.

I decided to try to make a crumble pie using only organic produce. The berries were wild so that is just as good :-)

125 gram butter
3 dl wheat flour
3dl white mascavado sugar
3dl oat flakes
1 litre black berries

Turn on the oven, ca 175C.

Mix everything but the berries with a fork til it gets evenly crumbly.

Put all the berries in a oven proof pan ca 25 cm wide.

Cover it with the crumble mix.

Bake in oven for 20-30 minutes.
The crumble turns golden-brown when ready.

If the berries are very juciy the berries will start to boil and seep up.
If the berries are a bit on the dry side you may want to add some sugar and some water.

Enjoy the pie, not warm, not cold.
Serve with whipped cream (real or pasterised, certainly not UHT!), vanilla ice cream or vanilla custard.

I know there are organic vanilla ice cream and cream, but I have not seen organic vanilla custard, yet. But then it shouldn't be too hard to make from scratch?!



At August 23, 2005, Blogger Johan said...

Recipe for vanilla custard
(to go with the crumble pie)

5dl milk
5 egg yolks
1 vanilla pod
1,5dl sugar
3tbs maizena (corn starch)
5dl heavy cream

Boil the milk together with the vanilla pod. Remember to open it. And to stir the milk.

Mix egg yolks, sugar and maizena.
Add one tbs of water if it gets too thick.

Remove the vanilla pod from the milk, and pour the hot milk over the egg yolk mix. Stir fervently.

Pour the whole thing back into the pot and keep at low heat whilst stirring constantly til it turns into a thick cream.

Sieve and leave to cool down.

Whip the cream and mix with the rest.

Use frivolously on crumble pie :-)

All of the ingredients should be available as organic//ecological, maybe perhaps with the exception of the vanilla pod.

At November 08, 2006, Blogger Johan said...

i have bought fair trade vanilla pods ...

At November 08, 2006, Blogger shadowsandclouds said...

hoorah for johan's recipes! boo that i have to wait until next year for the wild berries to come out on the bushes again here! still, i can imagine it over the winter! thanks!


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