Homeopathy in ecological production

Why is homeopathy and phytotherapy the first choice of treatment of sick animals in the EU rules for ecological production (EEC/1804/1999)? Only in second hand when it is deemed unavoidable should proven medications be used! In a sense phytotherapy could work. It is not for nothing the word biopiracy has seen the daylight. But homeopathy? Please! Is it there just to give sustainable ecological production a bad name, or?

I dunno in how many countries and how many certifiying bodies that use this rule for treatment of medically ill animals. I know that in Sweden the rule is that appropriate care should be given. Since only veterinaries are allowed to treat animals that rules out non-medical treatments.

Have you ever heard of any animal rights group that has saved animals from ecological farms because of animal maltreatment due to farmers that stubbornly stick to homeopathy?


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