ISIS vs Monsanto

I received a press release from ISIS today. It was about Monsanto again trying to fool people into thinking that the transgenic maize MON863 and MON88017 is OK for consumption.

Here is an excerpt regarding the MON863:

"Dr. Arpad Pusztai was commissioned by the German government to evaluate the Monsanto study. .' ..'Pusztai's report stated, "..this imperfectly designed and executed study revealed a huge list of significant differences between the various biologically meaningful parameters of rats fed GM maize diets and the proper controls..' ..

'..the study strongly indicates that feeding rats on diets containing significant amounts of MON 863 corn can potentially be detrimental to the health of these animals and may cause major lesions in important organs (kidneys, liver, etc.), interfere with the function of their immune system (lymphocyte, WBC, granulocyte counts) and change their metabolism (glucose)…'...

'Pusztai summarized the differences between GM fed and control-fed rats, and their potential implications: increased basophil count, which may indicate allergic reaction; increases in the number of lymphocytes and white blood cells, which usually increase in the presence of infections, cancer, various toxins, and disease states; decreased reticulocyte count, which is indicative of anaemia; decreased kidney weight, which points to blood pressure problems; and elevation in blood sugar levels, which cannot be dismissed as biologically insignificant, given the diabetes epidemic.

There were also elevated levels of kidney inflammation, liver necrosis, and other changes. Pusztai added, "It is almost impossible to imagine that major lesions in important organs (kidneys, liver, etc) or changes in blood parameters (lymphocytes, granulocytes, glucose, etc.) that occurred in GM maize-fed rats, is incidental and due to simple biological variability."

I acted on this by sending the whole article to the agricultaral minister of Sweden and the agricultural minister and the accompanying secretary of state of Portugal.

You too can say NO to Monsanto and and YES to a good quality of life for human and creatures alike by voicing you opinion to your MP or minister!

Your can read the full article at:


At September 20, 2005, Blogger Johan said...

the comments sofar from swedish authorities is that these variations are nothing to worry about. the conlusions by Pusztai is said to have been contradicted by other experts.
but also that more tests have been demanded by swedish authorities.

which experts should one believe in?


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