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I have not been outwardsly active lately. I have been reading some books from the Swedish Formas on GMO and ecological farming. It seems that GMO with herbicide resistance does not generally increase the field yield compared to conventional non-GMO farms. Only in situations with very high pressure of weeds and other pests does it have any impact relative to conventional non-GMO farming. 99% of all agricultural GMO are with pesticide resistance and/or contains transgenic toxins. Whereas overall crop failures are only to 10% due to weeds or pests. Around 80% of the losses are due to physicochemical stresses such as draught, too much water, too warm, too cold or too much salt in soil. But then you can not sell a canned remedy for bad weather. I guess it is up to academia rather than industry to come up with proper and sustainable solutions for improving farm yields by decreasing the crop's sensitivity to extreme conditions.


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