Urge MEPs to vote for a strong REACH

The final votes on the European Union chemical legislation REACH is getting closer to the final votes. You can encourage the MEPs of your contry to vote for a strong ersin of the REACH that includes as strong writing of the substitution principle.

The good people at FOE and Greenpeace give you a helping hand in their campaign chemicalreaction.org. site.

I have already written to the red flagged Swedish MEPs.


At October 19, 2006, Blogger Fernando said...

About the sushi question down there... Cavala, Sea Bass and Sardines are obvious choices in Portugal, but I am not familiar with possible overfishing implications.

At October 19, 2006, Blogger Johan said...

thanks for the feedback
i will look into it before we make sushi the next time. cavala is mackerel in english? can you get good sardines all year around in portugal or do you only get fresh in the summer ie rest of the year they are frozen?

At October 20, 2006, Blogger Fernando said...

Yes, cavala is mackerel, but I keep forgetting it. Sardines are best around June, but I suppose you can get them all year.

The plugin is Quick Time player, but it is not a video. It is simply an mp3 file.


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