Festa de comecio justo en Porto

There is a Fair Trade party in the weekends of October in Porto, Portugal.

For more info go to this blog http://fairtradefest.blogspot.com/


At October 14, 2006, Blogger Luigi Mario said...

Hi johan, ive just visited Côr de Tangerina in Guimarães, a shop ande restaurant connected to the Fair Trade Comerce, made a report about my tour on the "complex", hope you like it.


At October 15, 2006, Blogger Johan said...

i do, the place is very nice and according to one of the staff the restaurant itself is doing quite nicely in the evening. the guy was a bit surprised that no students had showed up yet. i was there in august when the semester hadnt started yet. it was only me and three kids at another table in their garden that late afternoon. but then a nice cup of tea and a dessert cost more than the student lunch on campus...


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