Demand better energy efficiency in the EU

I just got this from the good people of Friends of the Earth Europe.

"The European Commission is holding a public consultation on its Green Paper on Energy. The paper does not place enough emphasis on the predominant role that Energy Efficiency and Renewables must play in a future EU Energy Strategy, if it is to contribute to the fight against climate change.

Therefore we need YOU to make your voice heard through the Commission's online questionnaire.

Participation is very easy and involves just a few simple steps.
Friends of the Earth Europe has prepared a statement which clearly defines the important principles that a sustainable Energy Strategy must include.

We would like as many people as possible to submit this statement.

Have your say on the EU's future Energy Strategy and get Energy Efficiency and Renewables firmly on the agenda.

The deadline is 24th September so please act quickly!

Go to http://www.foeeurope.org/climate/deal/consultation.htm today."

You know what to do!

For some odd reasone FOE does not want you to fill in the questionnaire on the green paper website?! Especially the two sections D and E are definitively pertinent to this issue of renewable energy and energy efficiency!!!
Any I did answer the questions (or at least most of them) usually with OTHER and something about renewable energy and energy efficiency, and redundancy in the power supply systems.

Also the link in the botton of the ready made comment needs to be copied (right click - copy link address) and pasted.


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