Stay away from Coke in India

Weary travellers probably now that drinking stream or tap water might not be so good for your health, at least it would mean spending most of the vacation under the scurge of Montezuma´s revenge.

Nowadays but without the Montezuma hanging over you one should avoid drinking soft drinks such as Coca Cola whilst in India because there Coke Cola and others alike contain very high levels of pesticides (sic!). You may not die on the spot but most of the pestidicides that CSE detected are definitely not good for anyone...

Read more on:
CSE India.


At August 26, 2006, Blogger AEnima said...

I wish I had to worry about this... I would be in a beautiful indian beach, full of sweet people around me with a smile and having fun.

Unfortunately I am now stuck at the sauna place I call dissertation hell, back in good ol' south carolina...

At August 26, 2006, Blogger Johan said...

make sure to avoid the hurricanes, or are they out of season?


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