Injecting carbon dioxide will dissolve the rock?!

In a recent study the injection of liquid carbon dioxide caused a drop a pH which in termed helped to dissolve the surrounding rock bed. Would that mean that large scale sequestering of carbon dioxide from burning coal and other fossil fuel still would lead to an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide?
Although first after a trip around the ground water. Or could that dissolve the overhead rock bead causing the carbon dioxide to be burped up into the atmosphere?

Gas-water-rock interactions in Frio Formation following CO2 injection: Implications for the storage of greenhouse gases in sedimentary basins
Geology 34(7): 577-58, 2006
Y.K. Kharaka, D.R. Cole, S.D. Hovorka, W.D. Gunter, K.G. Knauss, B.M. Freifeld
DOI 10.1130/G22357.1


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