Organic clothing soon into mainstream

I was elated to read that Levi Strauss will launch jeans made with organic cotton later in this year (2006) within their Levi jeans brand. Sadly most of the models will only be available in the US in 2006, and some selected stores in Europe. Hopefully the complete e-Levi collection will be available in Europe already in 2007.

Organic cloting has sofar only been available via specialty stores and very often only online. As far as I know none of the major international nor national chains have any organic clothing in their collections. Hopefully, Levi Strauss´ step will encourage other retailers and producers to introduce organic clothing into their collections.

Read more on: CSR Wire press release 2006-07-05.

I do not need to tell you why organic cotton is so much better for the environment compared to conventional and GMO cotton? Do I?

GMO is really bad since it is in almost all cases used to increase the use of toxins in agriculture:, eg see:
Greenreport report on BT GM cotton.
Greenpeace GE campaign
FOEI report on GM cotton in India
FOEI overview of the failure of GMO


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