143 from Ernesto

At breakfast today I enjoyed an organically grown Granny Smith apple from Ernesto Bartusch in Argentina. I bought it in Biobrassica. 1 of 3 organic stores in Braga, Portugal.

If you want to know more about the Granny Smith I ate surf to Naure and More and punch in the code: 143.

The apple was lush, crunchy and juicy :-)

You may wonder why I bought fruit from Argentina when fruit from Portugal would have had a lot less mileage on the way to the store. True, but not always is organically produced fruit from Portugal available. I also bouth pears, from France I think.


At July 09, 2006, Blogger Luigi Mario said...

Hi Johan ...long time no ...writting ;) here are some of my favourite producers of organically grown producers ;) there are a lot of them at Portugal but most of them export most of the production ;)





Cheers ;)

At July 09, 2006, Blogger Johan said...

thanks for the tip but i am not that often in lissabon, probably more often in vn gaia. so we will see if i bump into the quintinha one day.

aromasdocampo website is a bit dodgy. no info about them. do you know where they are irl?

do you know any other organic stores in porto/matosinhos/leca/vn gaia?

we were in parque de cidade in porto a few weeks ago. there was a store/stand with organically produced veggies near the horse stables. i came there because of the fair trade store. really nice store but a bit off the beaten track...

have you seen any organic portuguese milk? i have only seen spanish, french and german, but sofar no portuguese!


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