I just got this from GreenPeace:

"McDonald's joins fight to save the Amazon
Take your hand off the mouse. Now reach over your shoulder, and pat yourself on the back. Because you did it. The mighty McDonald's jumped when you objected to their role in Amazon destruction. After only a few months of being in the spotlight over rainforest destruction, and receiving more than 30,000 emails, McDonald's not only made a U-turn in no longer sourcing soya from the ashes of the Amazon but are also actively urging other companies to join them. This week the world saw what happens when tens of thousands of Greenpeace supporters from all over the world act together as one to protect the environment. So take a bow, smile and accept our heartfelt thanks for your efforts."

a But the McDonalds has had a rain forest policy for over a decade by now:

"McDonald’s is committed to establishing and enforcing responsible environmental practices for all aspects of our business.

As part of this charter, it is McDonald’s policy to use only locally produced and processed beef in every country where we have restaurants. In areas where domestic beef is not available in sufficient quantities to meet our needs, does not meet our quality standards, or is not competitive with world prices, McDonald’s imports beef from approved suppliers in other countries.

In all cases, however, McDonald’s does not, has not and will not permit destruction of tropical rain forests for our beef supply. We do not, have not and will not purchase beef from rain forest or recently deforested rain forest land.

Any McDonald’s supplier that is found to deviate from this policy—or that cannot prove compliance with it—will be immediately discontinued.

Issued: 1989
Updated: 2003"
Copied from http://www.mcdonalds.com/corp/values/socialrespons/market/rain_forest_policy.html

So I wonder:
Has McD ignored their own standards, or is the policy a big loop hole?
Ie: No cows in deforested Amazon former-jungles but hey it is OK to slash-and-burn down the Amazon to grow soy beans that is used as fooder from cows and other cattle?

Anyway, I hope KFC and the meat industry over all and everywhere stop encouraging destruction of pristine rain forests. As I am reading in the 2006 issue of the State of the World, the idea that comes up is EAT LESS MEAT!

I saw Super Size Me last weekend. What a crazy idea and what an discouraging outcome of his McD-bin! 1 month of McDiet took half a year to remedy ... There is a reason for the option to increase the meal always is in a bigger bag of french fries and a bigger cup of sugared soda. It is so cheap! Skip both, drink water and have the salad, but skip the sugar enriched sallad dressing. Cant McD just have oil/vinegar/spices-dressing?

Do not forget Tell KFC to stop trashing the Amazon.


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