Two GMO free products

Recently I have bought two products that both are stated to be GMO free.

The first is ice cream from the Greek company EVGA. I guess it is from conventional ingredients although none of them are GMO. So far so good! Quite literally!

The second is Kingfisher natural toothpaste, mint with lemon.
Do normal toothpaste any GMO?
As far as I know it is just a bunch of chemicals mostly derived from fossil fuels.

So lets have a look the list of ingredients:
- calcium carbonate : chalk
- vegetable glycerine : palm oil
- Aqua = water, why cant they just write water?
- silica : ore
- sodium lauryl sulfate : palm oil
- cellolusa gum : plant fibre
- sodium mono-fluoro phosphate
- mentha piperita : mint
- citrus limonum : lemon
- foeniculum vulgare : fennel

Two minerals: silica and fluor etc
Three herbs: mint, lemon and fennel.
Two products derived from palm oil
and one from plant fibre.
Plant fibre could be anything, and potentially GMO.
I dont think that the "herbs" nor palms tree are availble as GMO.
But there are plenty of unsustainable oil palm plantations!

It has been suggested that the EU eco-label for agricultural products should include the possibility to label ingregredients (not the whole product) as ecological.
As far as I know all the above plant based products are availble from ecological agriculture. So if Kingfisher really wanted they could probably step up the stringency a bit more.

I think both chalk and silica is there to polish the enamel.
Probably they could drastically decrease the relative amounts of these two quite a bit and still get a good toothpaste, with the added advantage of achieving a product that as whole can be eco-labelled. If all mineral content is less than 5% and all other are derived from organic production.


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