Today we start eating the planet itself

Today (2006-10-09) is Ecological Debt Day (or overshoot day) for 2006.

This means that as of today and for the rest of the year we are living above our means, that is our ecological resources. That from today we are depleting our resources ...



At October 09, 2006, Blogger AEnima said...

I thought we had been doing that since... forver!?


At October 11, 2006, Blogger Johan said...

in a way probably yes, at least since the industrial era started roughly 300 years ago (including the use of coal for heat and energy), and even more so when we started to use the fossil fuel petrol on a large scale. although the fossil fuel coal has been used around the world for ca 3000 years.

what is odd is that most ecological footprint calculations say that we use up 3-5 planets resources. I guess it is in the west and more so in the US. spreading it over the entire planet population it shrinks down a bit, hence only little over one planet to support us all is needed.

of course making it one planet for the entire population must be the goal ...


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