Increase the tax on fossil fuels!

That is what the CEO of Volvo Leif Johansson wants the Swedish politicians to do. By increasing tax on fossil fuels like petrol and diesel (and natural gas) and omit taxes on more environmentally friendly fuels one would expect an increase in the sales of more environmentally friendly vehicles. Volvo intend to make so heavy investment and want to make sure that they have the political support for that for the next 15-20 years. Leif Johansson says that he and the Swedish prime minister are in agreement on the broad strokes. Leif Johansson says that politicians in all quarters need to on the same page so that this can be guaranteed. Amazing with a CEO that has way way longer perspective than most politicians. It usually seems to be the other way around.

I hope Leif Johansson gets what he wants!

See article in Swedish.

It seems that neither the Swedish prime minister nor the environmental minister wants to increase taxes on fossil fuels nor omit taxes on more environmentally friendly fuels. Reasons: it is not popular to increase fuel taxes and something to do with the EU, not quite sure what.


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