Iceland has started whaling again!

I just joined this campaign

and ended up sending this email

To Directorate of Tourism and Overseas Business Affairs, Thorleifur
Thor Jonsson
Subject Iceland Whaling

Directorate of Tourism and Overseas Business Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Copies to:

Þorleifur Þór Jónsson
Iceland Travel Industry Association

Dear Sir,

I'm greatly concerned to hear of Iceland's plans to relaunch a
commercial whale hunt. I have pledged to seriously consider a visit to
Iceland, as have tens of thousands others, if whaling were to end. I hold to
that pledge.

The value of the pledges collected to date by Greenpeace are worth more
that US$80 million in potential tourist spending in Iceland. I
understand that the commercial value of the whale hunt, at its peak, was a
mere US$4 million per annum.

I believe you have a responsibility to raise with your government the
issue of the economic costs of whaling to a country which is so
attractive to nature enthusiasts and wilderness tourists.

I hope you can effectively speak for all of us who would like to visit
Iceland but find Iceland's whaling policy difficult to reconcile with
its otherwise very strong environmental and conservationist reputation.


At October 29, 2006, Blogger Luigi Mario said...

Its amazing how they still hunting whales like theres no problem with theyr population, its the same thing with many other fishing activities.
What amazes me more its how they stop whale hunting in Portugal, where the quiantity was never compared with other countries~and it was made in a lot more dangerous way, where there where lost many lifes at sea.

You can see a lot more about the Azores Whale Hunting at museums on those islands and be amazed how they hunt those huge beasts.

At October 31, 2006, Blogger Johan said...

at least in the azores they now make reasonably good money on the whaling tourism, or? at least it is far less dangerous for both humans and whales...


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