IEA suffers from a mental melt down

Recently the IEA urged the world to build more nuclear plants!

The same day Greenpeace reacted by making this statement.

Anyway, nuclear being one of the most expensive ways of providing energy does not seem to a good choice for a sustainable society. That includes all the associated environmental risks and spread of nuclear weapons. Today N-plants provide 3% of all enery world wide and 17% of all electricity. Renewable energy (except photovoltaic cells) are at least double as price effective in providing energy. Being more effective in use of energy is even much more price effective.

So what is the IEA up to?
Have they become a lobby group for nuclear power?
Or have they been all the time?
They just havent made this kind of horrendous statements before?

Anyway, is just an email to the IEA at the following email addresses:
info@iea.org, EfficiencyInfo@iea.org, EnergyPolicyInfo@iea.org, EnvironmentInfo@iea.org, nea@nea.fr

And here is the email:

Subject: Melt down in IEA?

Dear all,

I was completely baffled today when I read the front
page of yesterdays Financial Times stating that the
IEA backs a speedier construction of more nuclear
plants around the world! Has there been a melt down in

As you very well know that nuclear plants supply
around 3% of the total supplied energy in the world
today. The problem with dealing with the nuclear waste
is troublesome to say the least. How do you think it
were to be if the nuclear plants provide lets says 20%
of the current energy consumption? Sounds like a
nightmare to me.

As you also know: nuclear energy is almost twice
costly per KwH compared to most other energy means
including the fossil fuels. Of course the best way to
make sure that the "produced" energy is enough for all
of us is to make sure that we become much much better
at both converting fuels (solar, biomass, waves etc)
into energy (heat, movement or electricity) and then
also in making use of the energy.

In the life time of nuclear plant roughly the same
amount of carbondioxide per distibuted KwH will be
roughly the same as released from a modern natural gas
plant. So nuclear plants are not cleaner than fossil
fuels. Not to mentional all the waste that needs to be
taken care of after decommission.

In short nuclear plants are neither
clean, safe nor cheap.
Why are you so anxious to make people
around the world believe that they are?


At November 06, 2006, Blogger shadowsandclouds said...

Funny, I saw your cake comment yesterday evening - and I'd made the cake for the first time yesterday morning! (slightly altering the ingredients as to what I had at home) ... without the chocolate as I didn't have any in, it was very good though! thanks! :) enjoy reading your updates. any more good recipes??

At November 08, 2006, Blogger Johan said...

a while ago i posted this recipe.


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