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FT 2006-12-05
The way to a cleaner business community
The first task of responsible people inside the business community is to clean up your own backyard.

FT 2006-11-30
EU seeks tough limit on industry emissions
The cap trade system will at last lead to less carbon dioxide available quotas to be sold than the expected total emissions. Sofar the cap trade system has contained more CO2 than actually released. From 2008 a 7% year cut in the 2005 quotas are expected. Which actually only means 1% decrease in actual CO2 emissions. Still far cry from completing the Kyoto protocol in which EU is supposed to decrease its CO2 with 8% compared to the emissions in 1990. So the quotas needs to be restricted more and more each year to become closer to the target (which in itself should be fairly easy to fulfil - at least in technical terms).

And now for something completely different:
Pinochet is dead!
A HUGE relief for many.
Only thing sad about that this is that his lawyers worked so hard against him going to trial so that all his atrocities have not yet been subjected to formal legal scrutiny.
A long time ago a saw a movie about all the "missing people" in Chile whom in the movie end up being thrown out of air planes over the Pacific ocean after having been given "vaccines" that really were sedatives. I think the movie was called "autoshop paraiso" or something else with spanish for paradise in the title.


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