Recycled paper in the toilet paper

It is a premier in Portugal for toilet paper from recycled paper!!!

I found it in FeiraNova yesterday.

renovagreen - love & action
- 100% recycled paper
- non-chlorine bleached
- no colouring agents
- no fragrances

One might have thought that a new product would have been accompanied by a PR campaign. But no, nada and zilch ... even the websites (renovaonline.net and wellbeingworld.com) is devoid of any mention ... but perhaps not so surprising since this is from the same company that spent lots of money pushing their BLACK and RED toilet paper ... perhaps even more bigger surprise that they actually released this product. But perhaps it is made by a subsidy in Spain, France, Belgium or the UK? After all, the text on the pack is in French, Spanish, English Portuguese and Dutch.

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At April 10, 2008, Blogger LamaNando said...

No, it's really made by RENOVA PORTUGAL. That is the proof that innovation is really a "style of working" in that company, all made in Portugal.

If you visit now the website you will see information about these products.

At April 10, 2008, Blogger Johan said...

You are right, they now actually have a pic on the renova site on the renovagreen toilet paper. but not much info. certainly nothing saying where it is made. it simply states that the paper and packing are made from recycled material.

nothing about chlorine bleaching, or not. (although on the package it states that the toilet papers in bleached with chlorine containing chemicals)

the FAQ section does not cover a single question that could be posed about the renovagreen line ...

they also have kitchen paper, napkins and those smaller ones to blow your nose in. but NONE of those are mentioned on http://www.renovaonline.net/ ...

going to lissabon around the time i first saw it in the stores in braga i saw some really large poster on the way just outside lissabon. but nowhere else.

nowadays i can actually buy the renovagreen toilet paper in one of the small stores (minimercado) on my street in braga! but for some reason not in the stores that sell organic produce ...

At April 10, 2008, Blogger Johan said...

is not chlorine bleached ...


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