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In DN.se today is an article about greening flights. They also mention a comparison of the greenhouse gas emission caused by a number of transportations in kg CO2 equivalents per person going between Stockholm and Malmö, ie ca 600km:

Plane: 132
Car: 96
Bus: 18
Train: 2

Time to cover 600 kms in hours (estimate from google maps, SJ.se and flynordic.com)
Train: 4.5 (X2000)
Car: 6.5 hrs plus resting highway - (11 hours with the scenic route - national roads)
Bus: Roughly same time as by car but more waiting at bus stops etc and waiting for connecting buses.
Plane: 1.2 hrs plus transport to and from the airports and delay for check-in and picking up luggage. Say 2.5 hrs.

Train is nice because you can also get internet access and a "decent" table and its more uninterupted compared to all others. From city centre to city centre.

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