Good as new and carbon dioxide

Would you wear shoes that are made from old clothes or parachutes and such? The good people at Antiapathy seem to think so since they have taken the step to design and sell the shoe line Worn again. What do you think? 60 pounds sterling for a pair of shoes does not make them the cheapest pairs of shoes around but they sure stand out compared to the normal designer shoes with the same prize tag :-)

They have even taken the step further to offer you a free repair of the shoes if you send the shoes to them. I don´t know what the local shoe repair man would say if he was given a parachute fabric shoe to repair.

Moreover, they have made sure that the shoes are carbon neutral by donating 12p per pair to Climate Care. The money goes to different charities. Soemtimes I use their carbon dioxide calculator for my flights and send the corresponding money to Vi skogen. It is a Swedish NGO that helps to reforest the area around Lake Victoria and by doing so also helping to people to a livelyhood.


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