Some key facts about GMO

I just read some key facts about GM crops (pdf file) from the FOE Europe report "Who benefits from GM crops? Monsanto and the corporate-driven genetically modified crop revolution".

In short:
GM crops are almost only modified to have herbicide tolerance or insect resistance. The former has increase the use of pesticide. There are few crops such as maize, soy and cotton that has either of the two traits.

The overall performance seem to be worst then conventional and organic production. GM maize and soy are almost only used for animal feed and heavily processed food.

In no way has GM crops done anything to alleviate hunger or poverty in the developing countries. Except from bribes from Monsanto to selected officials in a number of countries ...

One would then ask: how come they (Monsant, Bayer and Syngenta) still pursue these types of GM crops? Normally when people draw up business plans much of the focus is on the selling point in terms on what the value for consumer/buyer is. In the case of GM crops sofar there is no benefit to neither farmer nor consumer.


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