A truckload of packaging ...

Are you also annoyed about the large piles of packaging material that end up in your trash bin after paying a visit to the supermarkets?

Read the article
One family, one month, 50kg of packaging. Why? in the Observer 2006-01-29.

In short:
A lot of the packaging materials used are not necessary
Leaner and eco-smart packaging is quite possible
Laminates are usually not recyclable
It takes a lot of energy and resources to make packaging

Do not buy prepacked fresh fruits and vegetables etc
A loose weght requires less packaging and you probably
will only buy as much as you actually will consume.

Want a afternoon snack with yoghurt and jam?
Buy a 1 litre yoghurt pack and a selection of jams or fresh fruit (organic!).
Probably a lot tastier and with a lot less packaging ( and sugar!)


At February 06, 2006, Blogger Luigi Mario said...

Its amazing how much trash tehre is after someone goes shopping, tehres to much packaging in most products...just for the looks...not just for the quality of the product as they say.


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