Yesterday I showed you how a true dinosaur called Portgas behaves in modern times. I mentioned how a more forward looking company that is up to speed with current topics and trends including taking of care our planet can behave.

The electricity company EDP attached a self-test for their clients to themselves evaluate their energy efficiency with a number of tips and tricks how to become more energy efficient in the form of self-test. Here is the test (in Portuguese) in two A4 pages:

First page:
First page of the self test

Second page:
Second page of the self test

Here is a hopefully true translation into English:

Are you saving energy?
Make the test

Indoor climate

1. During winter days make use of the sunlight at leave the curtains open to heat up the house.
2. During summer days close the curtains to avoid over heating your house.
3. In summer nights open the windows on opposing sides of the house to improve cooling.
4. Only turn on indoor climate parafernalia (heat, air conditioner and fans) when absolutely necessary.
5. When the indoor climate parafernalia are turned on: keep windows and doors closed.
6. When buying an air conditioner buy a model that both can heat and cool (even better by a model using a heat pump - my comment)
7. When buying indoor climate parafernalia check its energy effiency label (choose A or A+ - my comment)

Home appliances

8. Avoid having TV on just for company
9. Avoid having many TVs turned on at the same time
10. When ironing make sure you use the correct temperature and start with clothes that require the highest temperature.
11. When using the oven avoid opening the door to avoid heat leaking out.
12. Use the microwave oven to heat up small portions.
13. That food in advance to decrease the time in actual cooking.
14. Do not unnecessarily open the fridge/freezer doors and minimise the open time.
15. Duly regulate the temperature of your fridge to avoid ice formation.
16. Prior to putting dishes in the dish washer rinse off with tap water.
17. Avoid using dryer for clothes and opt for air drying whenever possible.
18. Only use dish washer and laundry machine with full load.
19. Use lowest possible temperature for dish washer and laundry machine.
20. When buying equipment check the energy efficiency and energy consumption label (choose A or A+ - my comment).
21. Turn off the machines completely (TV, video etc) and do not leave on stand-by.
22. Keep the machines in good shape and make periodic maintenance.


23. Make a habit to check that windows and doors are in good shape (no cracks and are well insulated).
24. When painting the inner walls opt for clear colours that reflect light better thus reducing the necessity of artificial lights.
25. When replacing windows opt for windows with better termic and acoustic insulation.


26. Make use of the sun light whenever possible and avoid lamps during day time.
27. Always turn off the lights when not used.
28. Use energy efficient lights insted of standard light bulbs.


29. For short distances: walk or bike.
30. Use public transport for daily travels (commuting).
31. When driving do it efficiently avoiding strong accelerations that consume a lot of energy.
32. When buying a new car check is fuel consumption.
33. Regurlarly check that the air pressure in the tyres are as recommended by the manufacturer.

Water consumption

34. Do not let water taps running or dripping.
35. Prefer showers over baths. (short showers! - my comment)
36. Keep the taps in good shape to avoid leaks.
37. Adjust to WC to minimal water use and/or put a water bottle in the water tank to reduce the volume. (A brick or a full 1.5l soda PET bottle is also OK - my comment)


38. Recycle
39. At home and work try to reuse paper whenever possible.

Count the number of ticks:

Less than 15 : Your habits can be improved. Learn the good practices of energy efficiency.

Between 15 and 25 : You are on the right way. Your habits reflect a concern for the environment. There is still room for improvement.

Above 25 : You are doing really well! You have already adopted many of the good practices of energy efficiency. Share your tricks with your friends!


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