Portgas mentiroso 2004

In the mail the other day came the electricity bill from EDP with questionnaire to help evaluate your energy efficiency. This is in stark contrast to the natural gas distributor Portgas that wants you crank up the heater. It is so wonderful to have a tropical climate at home ...

Portgas mentiroso 2004

They also claim that natural gas is the most energy / price effective. I beg to differ . They also claim that natural gas is clean since the only emission is CO2 (probably NOx as well). OK if we choose to forget about the global warming and the Kyoto Protocol.


At December 12, 2006, Blogger AEnima said...

Is this legal? I thought advertising in portugal had specific rules. What kind of "traditional" heating systems did they measure their savings against? If questioned by authorities, they would have to provide their economists studies.

At December 12, 2006, Blogger Johan said...

i guess they didn´t do any benchmarking. ie comparing with the best ...

old houses in portugal usually does not come with any kind of heating system. so i guess for portgas electic elements are the "traditional" heating systems.

regarding legality about the commercial. i guess you are not allowed to be outright lying. the question is: what is an outright lie?


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