energy [r]evolution - Ban this bulb (I did)

I joined GreenPeace energy [r]evolution campaign:

Take 7 (simple?) steps:

Join Greenpeace 7 Step Climate Campaign

- First step: Ban this bulb (I did)
Replace normal incadescent bulbs for CFLs. But I already had done that so I replaced some in my gfs flat.
- Next step was to invite 7 friends. I think I invited twice as many.
- The third was to go public. So I choose to make a mention on some spots, like Flickr and now this blog.

Sofar the steps have been fairly easy so it is a campaign for all to partake in! Feel free to join us on http://greenpeace.org/7steps.

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At July 10, 2007, Blogger Luigi Mario said...

EDP is making some "changes", they are exchange regular light bulbs by more economical ones, buts its only on per person or adress :|

At July 10, 2007, Blogger Johan said...

cool, i havent seen that campaign. i think my bulb in the stair case still is an incandescent bulb ...


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