Stop climate pollution! Cut Europe's CO2

A couple of days ago I sent this letter to the current EU president:

"With the expected (according to IPCC) climate changes leading to increased occurrences of extreme weathers in Europe the costs for dealing with these extremes will inevitably increase. The single largest cause of these climate changes is the man-made emission of carbon-dioxide. According to the International Energy Agency Coal burning power plants account for 37% of the man-made carbon-dioxide emissions world wide. And many countries subsidise these polluters. At the moment in many parts of EU the carbondioxide emissions are increasing.

There are however some positive currents in EU such as the Emission Trade System (ETS) and the recent proposal in the European Parliament to double the use of renewable energy in the near future.

Even further steps can be taken:

1. Stopping all subsidies for non-renewable energy sources and power plants. The money that is freed should instead be used for:
- R&D regarding increased efficiency of energy use and its implementation in Europe
- R&D regarding renewable energy sources
- Spread of knowledge on renewable energy sources and efficient use of energy
- Schemes to implement renewable energy and efficient use of energy in the EU

2. The cap on the ETS should be even more restricted in the second phase. Plans should be made already now to ensure the continuation of the ETS after the second phase. The ETS will ultimately only be effective if it is allowed to stay on for decades. The ETS is a tool in order for EU to comply with the Kyoto protocol but there is still a very long way to go. The EU was part of the forces that wanted to make sure that the Kyoto protocol stretches beyond 2012. Now it is high time that EU comply with the agreement sofar.

3 Increased energy efficiency in buildings also includes improved heat insulation and passive systems for ventilation. Even if the power industry gets better at supplying green energy it is also important that EU become better, much better, on the using this energy. There is plenty of room for improvement in the energy efficiency of housing, offices, industries and transportation within the EU.

4. Public but also private procurement for buildings (offices, industries and homes) should not only use the cost of constructions as the most important rule. It is already now allowed to take environmental concerns in public procurements. This should be strengthened by taking into account the total cost of the building during its expected life time, including the cost of energy for heating, cooling and equipment. This would be part of a strategy for a more energy efficient EU.

5. Use conversion of EU coal power plants into sustainable energy transformer as a role model for other parts of the world. Use that knowledge as base for a new sustainable energy that can be exported (both energy and know-how).

All 5 points would be an active part of the Lisbon strategy to improve the technological and economic capability of the European Community countries.

These above measures are also in the line with articles 153 and 174 in the Treaty establishing the European Community

As the President of the EU, you can play a significant role in leading the EU to achieve this.

People across Europe want EU governments to ensure that major emitters do their fair share.
I want the major emitters to do their fair share.
I am sure that you also want the major emitters to do their fair share.

I urge you, as the current President of the EU, to put coordination with other EU member states towards a low-carbon future for EU. I urge you to do this by ensuring a stronger ETS (at least 25% lower caps for the second phase), while also working towards a complete abolition of subsidies to non-renewable energy and working towards an energy efficient EU using renewable energy.

If you give in to industry lobbying pressure, the environment, European citizens and future generations will all lose".

This was made as part of the Panda Passport campaign
Stop climate pollution! Cut Europe's CO2.
Of course I wrote my own letter although using their suggestions on what to write.
Personally written letters would probably have better impact the just sending ready-made letters. What do you think and what do you do?


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