I LOVE this!

Everyone should watch this at least once a day to light up their spirits :-)

Mahna mahna from the Muppet Show.


Some days of sustainable house construction

Quercus is organising a "jornada" on sustainable house constuction in Fatima very soon.



WTO is not interested in your environment and your health!

In a recent WTO ruling it is claimed the European (or European contry) ban on many GM crops are barriers to free trade (= trade that does not have to abide to any laws!).

Do tell your ministers of trade that protection of health, the environment, consumer choice and the right of farmers to produce GM free food must come before the free trade rules of the WTO.

Do it here!

On the same note I think we should congratulate Greece on its decision to extend the GMO ban to GM maize from Monsanto. The email to the Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis is ndpress1 at nd.gr.


A car that runs on air

It sounds like a fairly tale, and maybe it is.

The people behind the company MDI has developed a car that runs on compressed air. One can drive 200-300 km on one tank. It takes a few hours to refill the tank.

No toxic emissions!
The emitted air is cold so it can be used for the car´s airconditioner.

This is as clean as the you can get providing the electricity distributor uses renewable energy sources. But you can always install solar panels on your house or why not your own rooftop wind power station. The latter gives max 1.5kW. I dunno if that is enough to charge the car in reasonable time.

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