Rede Nacional de Consumo Responsável

A criação de uma Rede Nacional de Consumo Responsável, com o objectivo de informar e capacitar para a mudança dos nossos hábitos de consumo.

A Quem é Dirigido?

- Jovens dos 2º e 3º ciclos do Ensino Básico e Secundário
- Associações de Pais e Encarregados de Educação
- Professores
- Organizações da Sociedade Civil com interesse na temática do Consumo Responsável

O Que Oferecemos?

- Formação (sessões de sensibilização, workshops, seminários e oficinas) sobre a temática do Consumo Responsável.
- Materiais didáctico-pedagógicos dirigidos a Professores
- Manual de Formação de Voluntários dirigido às Organizações da Sociedade Civil
- Apoio à construção de projectos locais sobre este tema.

O Que Pretendemos?

Divulgar e estender a Rede Nacional de Consumo Responsável a um universo alargado de Organizações e pessoas para que, de forma autónoma, de Norte a Sul do País se promovam iniciativas que contribuam para a efectiva mudança dos hábitos de consumo.



energy balance of nulear energy

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark or rather how the nuclear power industry pushes itself as being the solution against further global warming. Alas, their counting of the energy balance is not as correct as it might seem. Or so the authors Storm and Smith has to say. In short: all the steps joint of making nuclear uses more energy that is delivered from the nuclear power plants and in the long run it would actually be better to burn the fossil fuel that is used to produce the nuclear fuel.

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Bivalvia to the resuce

It has recently been suggestion the bivalvia (in Swedish) should be farmed in the ocean to decrease the negative impact of over-fertilisation from agriculture leakage and household waste. The bivalvia use the waste as nutrients and can be sold on the fresh markets around Europe. The problem is more on the getting it on large scale enough for the distributors to accept you.

Mussles and french fries apparently is a delicacy in Belgium. Mussles boiled in white wine with finely chopped onions, garlic, dash of salt, cayenne pepper and parsley is good, really good!

Make sure you throw away the open ones before boiling, and the closed ones after boiling.

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Volvo is repeating PML Mini

Volvo Cars has been using the knowhow of PML FlightLink and their Mini QED to make a plugin hybrid, especifically the wheel motors and goes some other parts. True four wheel drive! But the cost if you want to buy a Mini QED now is in the neighbourhood of 200000 pounds sterling (or so says a friend that asked PML) ... the Volvo C30 plugin hybrid might be ready for sales in 5 years from now ...

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Act of God?

Bayer is blaming God for a case of GM contamination in the USA. What do the Pope say about that? Time for the Catholic church to start a defamation law suit against Bayer? That would be hilarious.

Anyway, probably the lamest excuse by the pro-GM lobby sofar.

If Bayer would have blamed it on Allah (or Muhammed) their CEO would probably have been under a Fatwa by now ...

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90 meters

Using data from http://pubs.usgs.gov/fs/fs2-00/ I estimate that if all land ice is molten the sea levels will increase with between 63 and 90 metres.

Data on ice volumes from above link and areas from Wikipedia.

If you wanna see how this impacts Europe see http://douweosinga.com/projects/sealevel

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Too hot for nuclear!

Nuclear power plants need water. Lots of water to cool down their reactors. But when it is very warm weather for long the waters in the rivers feeding inland nuclear plants also gets warm. Too warm to cool down their reactors. During the heat wave in France 2003 some nuclear actually were shut down because of the warm river water. Read more here.

So much for water cooled nuclear power plants to help fend off global warming...

The USA government will not subsidise the construction of nuclear power plants. Xlnt news!

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