Homeopathy part II

Homeopathy is a popular but implausible form of medicine. Contrary to many claims by homeopaths, there is no conclusive evidence that highly dilute homeopathic remedies are different from placebos. The benefits that many patients experience after homeopathic treatment are therefore most probably due to nonspecific treatment effects. Contrary to widespread belief, homeopathy is not entirely devoid of risk. Thus, the proven benefits of highly dilute homeopathic remedies, beyond the beneficial effects of placebos, do not outweigh the potential for harm that this approach can cause.

This is the abstract of the article "Is homeopathy a clinically valuable approach" by Edzard Ernst that appeared in Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 26(11):547, 2005. Read the whole article as

Does anyone still trust in the "benefits" of homeopathy?


Köp en utsläppsrätt idag!

Vem som helst kan köpa en utsläppsrätt i EUs handel av detta.

Om DU köper en dylik och INTE säljer den vidare minskar du det möjliga lagliga koldioxidutsläppet inom denna handels regim.

Köp en utsläppsrätt idag!

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