Dear Commissioner Piebalgs and Commissioner Dimas,

Do you think that 20 year old construction plans for an outdated design for nuclear power plants with insufficient built-in security are anywhere near safe for European citizens? I think neither of you actually are of that opinion so I would hope that both of you work for that the European commission will give a strong negative opinion about the current plans for Mochovce 3 and 4 in Slovakia.

Furthermore, the foreseeable lack of funds for taking care of the nuclear waste of when the power plants themselves are scrapped would in itself be a strong enough deterrent for even thinking about approval of constructions of such plants. Indeed, the insurance that is required from the operator is only a fraction of that in most other Western European countries.

Also, I would urge you to urge the Slovakian government to perform an impartial environmental impact assessment that includes sustainable options (which nuclear power obviously is not). I see no reason why the people in Slovakia would have to suffer from lower levels of protection against the actual problems with both nuclear waste treatment and the running of nuclear plants than any other European citizen.

Slovakia does not have long-term storage capacity for the highly dangerous nuclear waste generated by its existing plants, nor would it for Mochovce. The Slovakian government has stated that it wishes to have a permanent repository by 2038, but as the country has had nuclear reactors since the late fifties, it seems unlikely that this will ever happen.

The pending “Euratom opinion” may well be the only opportunity for the European Commission to critically assess the Mochovce nuclear power plant. I therefore urgently ask you to issue a negative opinion on the plans for the third and fourth blocks of the Mochovce nuclear power plant.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

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I do not make trash

or so is the translation of new Portuguese site hoping to encourage Portuguese to think about the trash they produce:


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